Nowadays, a lot of children are engaged with computers or other gadgets. There are parents that cannot monitor their children when it comes to accessing different games or sites on the Internet. Thus, the children are not safe, so parents should find ways to monitor their children. One of the best ways is to have a parent control software according to some parental control software reviews. This is very helpful to control their children, but they can still find ways to avoid this software. Thus, the Internet parental control software reviews advise the parents to choose the best free parental control software. Here are some examples of the best parental control software free programs or best Internet parental control software programs.

Best parental control software :

  • Net Nanny: is an effective parental control software program that filters and blocks the network communication of a person to another person. It can also be customized by the parents to remote management in order for them to have an access of the online sites that their children are engaging in. They can also monitor or control the daily activities done by their children.
  • Safe Eyes: is a best software based on free parental control software reviews because it enables the parents to make a lot of user profiles, personally customized by them. This is very useful in effective remote monitoring of the online activities of the children.
  • Norton Family: is best for limiting the time used by the users like the children. It also screens sites and detects and blocks the malicious websites.
  • Family Protector: has great features and tools that can make the children safe in accessing different sites. It helps in controlling and blocking the harmful sites and the inappropriate content of it.
  • Web Watcher: protects the children from harmful sites and even screen them first before letting the children access it.

Based on this parental control software review, parents should be wise in choosing the best software that could effectively monitor their children’s online activities or access.



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