If a virus infections attacks your computer operating system you will have 2 choices to make and one is certainly easier than the other. Firstly you can use free virus removal tools that are available on the internet or you can actually try to root out the infection manually and delete it. So what would be the best option then? Using a free virus removal application is highly recommended not only because it does just about everything for you but because it will eradicate the malicious software totally. These security tools are made with signatures which allow them to identify potentially dangerous files within a system and can then eliminate them accordingly.

What is the deal with free virus removal tools that come in the form of online scanners? Many hundreds of people who end up with harmful computer infections look around the web desperately searching for free online scan utilities that might be able to fix their problems quickly. This is of course certainly not true and any website which claims to offer one will usually need to be downloaded just like any other computer security application. What you will find is that over 94 percent of free virus removal tools are do scan your system for free but when it comes to the process of removing those harmful infections you are going to need to pay.

Should I pay or go somewhere else? Paying for the program is the best option because the reality is that if you do not pay for this one the next one will require you to do so. One should not cry foul over thirty or forty bucks for a quality PC security application which is ultimately going to stop hackers and other harmful programs from destroying your system. If you use free programs you will put your computer at a serious and unnecessary risk of being attacked and this is widely known today due to the fact that large percentages of non paid security tools are rogue.

This basically means that they have the opposite effect to what one would think in which these free virus removal tools will rather infect, corrupt or destroy files on a computer system as opposed to curing them. They can also retrieve information from your computer and like spyware it can send it to come other hacker or users who can use it in which ever way they want to. Malware is one infection type which differs a little from your virus infection in the way that it appears in the form of a normal day to day application but upon installation it can and most certainly will force malicious scripts and harmful commands to load which will destabilize an operating system.

This brings us back to the point of scanning downloaded software before a user goes ahead and installs it. The after effects of bad system infections can mean high costs and most of all great frustration and the reality is that your system might not ever be restored back to the way it was before. This is because some extremely harmful trojan infections can delete critical files which might require reformatting and re-installation of an operating system. So if you come to the understanding that your PC is behaving in a noticeably different way you must never waste time and immediately get a paid or free virus removal program because this will save you headaches and money in the long run.

Some other tips for safe web browsing include deletion of cookies before and after you log into a financial or personal related website and this is done to eliminate tracking cookies that might steal or track your details as they are entered. Another piece of advise is to never log into the above mentioned types of website if your system is infected because the chances of your passwords being compromised will increase dramatically.

The symptoms which should be enough to indicate that you have come under attack by malicious content consist of reduced speeds, new tool bar additions, pop ups and advertisement ads, freezes and crashes, system shut downs and crashing web browser issues. If you require a good free virus removal program then try out StopZilla Plus Antivirus which can be downloaded on our homepage.


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